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Tips: Wozaik for planning your holidays

by Rodolphe, on July 16th, 2010

ToubkalI will take two week of vacation at the end of August and wanted to share with you how I used Wozaik to help me plan my holiday. I love trekking and hiking and I wanted to take the opportunity of these two weeks off to go back to the mountains.

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What is Wozaik?

Visualize or share the contents that really matter for you on the Web has never been easy. Browser bookmarks only allow you to store or send links web pages links although your interest is most often focused on a small portion of each page. Actually, it is like keeping an entire book for one single page of interest.
Wozaik has been developed to give you an easy and quick access to the Web that matters for you.
With Wozaik you fill your basket while surfing on the web, only with what you are interested in, and build yourself a mosaic of the websites and services you really want to keep an eye on.


Vincent Gire linkedinfacebooktwitter

Being a skipper since his childhood, Vincent steers the Wozaik boat on the right wave showing a natural ability to quickly adjust to unforseen situations. Before funding Wozaik, Vincent was leading research work at the Stanford University for Nokia, while in the mean time helping start-ups with their web development.


Rodolphe Ardant linkedinfacebooktwitter

Rodolphe takes advantage of his 6.5 feets height sight to build out Wozaik marketing and business strategy. He has the incredible aptitude to easily dive into things and to get them quickly done. Prior to founding Wozaik, Rodolphe was helping companies in developping their business as a strategy consultant.